Learning from Place

In the reading 'Learning from Place: A return to Traditional Mushkegowuk ways of Knowing', youth, adults and elders went on a 10 day river trip. On this trip they recognized and learned about the Mushkegowuk culture on their rivers and land. We can see examples of rehabilitation throughout the article. Multiple generations are returning to … Continue reading Learning from Place


The ‘Good’ Student

"M was restless if required to sit for too long and rowdy of required to sit quietly for too long, and often spoke loudly, especially when unwilling to take turns speaking." According to Kumashiro and 'common sense' a good student is one who can sit in class quietly, spoken when asked and be quite for … Continue reading The ‘Good’ Student

Curriculum Theory and Practice

There are four models of curriculum and ways of approaching curriculum theory and practice. The first is "curriculum as a syllabus to be transmitted". the benefits to this model is a syllabus provides structure for students, they know when things are due, the expectations of the class. They get a look into future projects and … Continue reading Curriculum Theory and Practice