Learning from Place

In the reading ‘Learning from Place: A return to Traditional Mushkegowuk ways of Knowing’, youth, adults and elders went on a 10 day river trip. On this trip they recognized and learned about the Mushkegowuk culture on their rivers and land.

We can see examples of rehabilitation throughout the article. Multiple generations are returning to the land of the Mushkegowuk people that has lots of historical and cultural importance and learning about what happened on these lands. They also interviewed community members and elders and learned about issues involving the river, the land and the socio economic status of the community. “The point of the interviews was to encourage intergenerational relationships and catalyze knowledge transfer from elder generations to youth. The interviews were not “data” but ways of bringing together community, of fostering dialogue and generating spaces for socializing conceptualizations of the territory from a Mushkegowuk perspective (Restoule, pg.74-75).”

By bringing the youth on this trip they were able to learn from the land, community members, elders and the experiences they got to be involved in. Participating in activities such as these gives students the opportunity to see different perspectives, which broadens there knowledge and ways of thinking. Giving students the opportunity to learn from the land and First Nations people will provide them with more knowledge and experience that I may be able to give them on my own. I can include this in my own physical education classrooms through different Indigenous dances and sport and the history behind them.

2 thoughts on “Learning from Place

  1. Do you think it will be difficult for you to educate students on place? How important do you think it is for students to learn about these things?


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