The ‘Good’ Student

“M was restless if required to sit for too long and rowdy of required to sit quietly for too long, and often spoke loudly, especially when unwilling to take turns speaking.”

According to Kumashiro and ‘common sense’ a good student is one who can sit in class quietly, spoken when asked and be quite for the rest of the time, can do there assignments and tests well and on time. The problem with this is not all students can learn or excel with this for of learning. Students who may have learning disabilities, have anxiety or require extra time/ assistance are at a huge disadvantage, and if they are feeling the pressure of failing or falling behind this could cause them to act out and be seen as a ‘bad’ student. Students who are able to follow the normal teaching strategies are at an advantage because most classrooms are ran the ‘common sense’ way. Kumashiro states that his school provided him with a number of books the students had to read, how many types of essays they had to write, what words they needed to memorize for final exams. Everything was so pre planned there isn’t much room for students to fall behind, much like the teaching theory ‘curriculum as a syllabus to be transmitted’.

Common sense is so engraved in all of us because it’s what we’ve always known. Many teachers can’t understand that students learn in different ways. Some may believe its easier to punish the ‘bad students’ than actually find the root of the misbehaviour and adapt there lessons around that students. Although it may seem like a hassle it is our duties as teachers to provide every student with the best possible education.

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