Sex Education and the Curriculum

As a health minor, sex education is something I have become increasingly interested in. It is a section in the curriculum that can be very controversial but I believe is becoming more and more important to teach. I am going to take a deeper dive into abstinence only sexual education programs. I will be researching … Continue reading Sex Education and the Curriculum

Common Sense

1.Kumashiro defines common sense as the dominative or normative narrative. It is the unwritten part of the of education that is so engraved in us that we don't even realize it. The common sense curriculum is always going to benefit and serve a particular group, most likely the culture who is in charge of the … Continue reading Common Sense

Curriculum Theory and Practice

There are four models of curriculum and ways of approaching curriculum theory and practice. The first is "curriculum as a syllabus to be transmitted". the benefits to this model is a syllabus provides structure for students, they know when things are due, the expectations of the class. They get a look into future projects and … Continue reading Curriculum Theory and Practice