ECS200 Week 6

Feb. 26/18 3 Things I've Learned: 1. The four Philosophies of education. The first one is perennialism; this is the belief that the focus of education should be the ideas that have lasted over centuries. The second philosophy is essentialism this tries to instill all students with the most essential or basic academic knowledge and skills and … Continue reading ECS200 Week 6

ECS200 Week 5

Feb.12/18 3 Things I've Learned: 1. There are three topics that need to be focused on more in our schools curriculum; they may be difficult to talk about but they are apart of our history and culture and should not be ignored. The three broad focuses include challenging grand narratives, recognizing and embracing diversity and acknowledging … Continue reading ECS200 Week 5

ECS200 Week 4

Feb 5/18 3 Things I've Learned: 1. The term culturally regulated relevant pedagogy. CRP incorporates cultural knowledge, prior experiences and frames reference in order to make learning more relevant and engaging. 2. Stereotype threats can be so brutal that they can actually be a burden to children both emotionally and cognitively. 3. Gender identity, sexual identity and gender … Continue reading ECS200 Week 4

ECS 200- Week 3

Jan 29/18 3 Things I've Learned: 1. The different types of "selfs". Self concept, self preception, self confidence, self esteem, self regulation. 2. The four influential types of experiences and what they are. Mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, social persuasion, physiological and/or emotional feedback. 3. The four phases of self regulation. Observation, imitation, self control, and self regulation. 2 … Continue reading ECS 200- Week 3