Assessment is a very important part of education both for the students and the teachers. Assessment is useful for students because it lets them know where they’re at and can gives them an opportunity to see where they are struggling, therefor leading to improvement. Students like knowing where they stand in a class and if … Continue reading Assessment

Response to the Intern

It is important to teach Treaty education to our students because it is part of reconciliation with the First Nations people. There are things in the past that First Nations people went through that can be viewed as unforgivable such as residential schools, being stripped of there cultures, from their families, having there land/homes taken … Continue reading Response to the Intern

Curriculum Theory and Practice

There are four models of curriculum and ways of approaching curriculum theory and practice. The first is "curriculum as a syllabus to be transmitted". the benefits to this model is a syllabus provides structure for students, they know when things are due, the expectations of the class. They get a look into future projects and … Continue reading Curriculum Theory and Practice